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"What happens when a gopro-equipped

mini car hits the rugby field"

"A mini Duster carried the tee

in the Los Pumas game"

"A mini Duster carried the tee

in the Los Pumas game"

"Renault presented its Duster Puma

limited edition with a novel idea"

After many years, Volkswagen finished their sponsorship agreement with Los Pumas.

As Renault became the new sponsor, our challenge went beyond

the traditional sponsorship campaign.  We had to place Renault in the rugby world

with an idea that opened the relationship with players, specialized press

and the UAR (Argentina Rugby Union).

Paying the cost for 800.000 contacts 

we reached more than 12 million people

in 14 countries.

The idea of the Duster Tee was the most popular topic in Rugby Championship

among the specialized press and in social media. Renault was immediately associated to Los Pumas, quickly replacing the previous sponsor.

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“Is it a bird? Is it an airplane? It is the Mini Duster

carrying the tee during the match”

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“It is amazing that a little remote control car

takes the tee to the PUMAS-ALL BLACKS players”

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How to go from 5 branches
to 50 mobile sales points?

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