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Vital 3 is the first Brand created by Nutricia Bago more than forty years ago.

It covers nutritional needs of babies.

There are important competitors in the market, mainly focused in differentiation

of rational benefits which shortly end up being the same.

The campaign's main objective was to engage the target in a different way,

with a close, genuine, simple and different connection,

touching the audience and amplifying the message naturally.

In those days, the Law of Adoption was being discussed in Congress,

filling a great scope of the media agenda.

The campaign was a tactical action for social media. But was adapted

for open and cable TV, becoming the brand's annual campaign.

It generated a 10x return on investment and 10,000,000 contacts

reach during the first week. While the category dropped by 3%, Vital 3 grew by 7%.

Facebook engagement rate grew by 627% during the campaign's first month.

Mothers of the Heart

set the sales historical record,

of the brand´s 42 years life.

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