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"Early childhood

captivates the G20"

“Juliana Awada closes the G20 with a plan

for art and early childhood”

“Early childhood in G20 has

a historical opportunity for children”

In December 2018, the G20 was held in Buenos Aires.

The world’s main leaders met to define the priority issues for 2019.

For several years, Unicef had been trying to include “early childhood”

in the final document signed by the world’s delegates.

During their campaign, politicians appear in pictures with children to generate empathy,

to look close to the people, and to gain votes.  This is a recurrent strategy during their campaigns.

Having observed the situation, this time we turned their campaign into our campaign.

All the G20 delegates

signed an agreement which included

"early childhood"

as a priority issue for 2019.

The hashtag #EarlyChildhoodMatters became a trending topic during the campaign

and was the digital flag every time the issue appeared in the networks.

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