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Growth of the flavoured waters market has been constant during the last 15 years.

Their value is health and flavour versus other non-alcoholic beverages.

They became a clear choice for Argentine consumers, reaching a 55% household penetration,

thus becoming a very attractive market.

Analysing local cultural changes hitting on daily tables habits,

we realized there was an unexplored “new table” with characteristics highly valued

 by consumers.

These “new tables” were more relaxed, more open, more participative and more inclusive,

like the We by Ser spirit.

In Argentina, when somebody is cute, gentle, cool, with a special gift;

it is said that he or she has Angel. It is different from being an Angel.

These attributes were given to the tables where We by Ser is drank,

with a real Angel as spokesman (a local celebrity).

76% awareness.

40% product trial.

In only 6 months.

Analysing all light options (whether flavoured or carbonated beverages)

We by Ser reached a 7.6% share, overcoming

traditional brands such as 7UP Free (7%) and Sprite Zero (6.4%).

In just 6 months We by Ser overtook

its main competitor’s (H2O) “Modern Brand” attribute.

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